TaiMed is pleased to officially announce the successful completion of the sentinel group in the phase 1b/2a clinical study evaluating Long-Acting TMB-365/TMB-380 mAb Combination Maintenance HIV Therapy at the investor's conference on September 6, 2023. Following a professional assessment of dosing selection, we have confirmed the dosages required for the future administration of the two-month combination therapy, thereby achieving the predetermined goals of this sentinel group clinical trial.
 To ensure the success of future clinical trials, product positioning in the market, and expedite the overall clinical trial timeline, the company submitted, on October 5, 2023, a revised protocol to the U.S. FDA for the core group clinical trial. In the modified protocol, all participants in the core group trial will be combined and executed injections every two months to obtain a sufficient sample size for Phase 2 clinical trials; this might accelerate entry into Phase 3 clinical trials by one year and expedite the drug's path to market.