TaiMed and Wuzhou Drug International Trading Co., Ltd.,(hereinafter called “WUZHOU”), officially signed an exclusive license agreement for Trogarzo in Hongkong  And Macau. The relevant partnering agreement will not be disclosed due to confidentiality. Per the agreement, WUZHOU shall pursue regulatory approvals and promote and commercialize the Product in the above-agreed territory.
WUZHOU, located in the Macau Administrative Region, is a comprehensive pharmaceutical company dedicated to introducing and distributing innovative drugs in the region. Since its establishment, WUZHOU has introduced more than ten blockbuster products into China within five years, providing new treatment opportunities to tens of thousands of Chinese patients. At present, WUZHOU has also established a fully functional commercial team in Hong Kong, China, to support the commercialization of products in Hong Kong.
Trogarzo is currently sold primarily in the United States. On March 13, 2024, TaiMed and Acedra officially signed an exclusive commercialization and distribution license agreement for Trogarzo in the Middle East and North Africa region. This license agreement with WUZHOU further expands Trogarzo's user base to Hong Kong and Macau Region, which will increase the company's operating income in the future and positively impact the company's long-term value.