TaiMed and Orient EuroPharma Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as  “OEP”) officially signed an exclusive license agreement for the HIV drug Trogarzo® in Taiwan. The relevant partnering agreement will not be disclosed due to mutual confidentiality. Under the agreement, OEP shall pursue regulatory approval, subsequent promotion, and commercial sales of the Product in the above-agreed territory.
Established in 1982, OEP was officially listed on the Taiwan GreTai Securities Market in 2003 (stock code: 4120). The company owns two pharmaceutical factories, Yulin (stock code: 4166) and Yuxing. With a global workforce exceeding 1,000 employees, over 40% are overseas. OEP operates in various sectors, including prescription medicines, innovative medical, nutrition & baby care, healthcare supplements, and dermo-cosmetics, making it a comprehensive multinational pharmaceutical company.
Trogarzo® is currently sold primarily in the United States. In 2024, TaiMed signed exclusive commercialization and distribution license agreements for Trogarzo® with AcedrA in the Middle East, North Africa, and WUZHOU in the Hong Kong and Macau regions, respectively. This license agreement with OEP further expands  Trogarzo®'s user base to Taiwan, which will increase the company's operating income in the future and positively impact the company's long-term value.
About  Trogarzo® (Ibalizumab-uiyk):
Trogarzo® (ibalizumab-uiyk) stands as a groundbreaking achievement in the field of HIV therapy. It is the world’s first approved monoclonal antibody for HIV treatment with a long-acting effect. By directing its action towards CD4, it acts as a post-attachment HIV-1 inhibitor, preventing the entry of viruses into CD4+ cells. In both the United States and Europe, Trogarzo® proudly holds the distinction of being the first and currently the only approved monoclonal antibody for HIV therapy. When used in combination with other antiretroviral agent(s), it is indicated for heavily treatment-experienced adults with multidrug-resistant (MDR) HIV-1 infection who fail their current antiretroviral regimen. Trogarzo® is approved for intravenous administration through IV infusion and IV push in undiluted form every two weeks.